Food Adventures

Culinary Adventures: 7 Unusual Foods From Around the World

Balut (Phillipines)
What is it: Roughly two to three weeks old fertilized egg boiled and eaten directly from the shell

Century eggs (China)
Century eggs
What is it: Duck, chicken, or quail eggs preserved for several months

Fried tarantula (Cambodia)
Fried tarantula
What is it: Fried spider usually eaten as snack

Haggis (Scotland)
What is it: A dish made with ingredients that include heart, liver, and lungs of an animal like sheep with the final mixture stuffed into a sheep’s stomach before cooking

Hákarl (Iceland)
What is it: Fermented Greenland shark

Sannakji (Korea)
What is it: Live or raw octopus sashimi

Snake wine (Vietnam)
Snake wine
What is it: Rice wine infused with whole snake


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