5 of the World’s Best Places for Great Barbecues

Bistecca alla fiorentina
18 Dec

Barbecue seems fairly straightforward. Just grill the meat and vegetables and you are leady set up for a filling meal. And while the grilling process is almost always similar in different parts of the world, some countries have developed unique ways to make great tasting barbecues. From South America to East Asia, here are some of the best places for people who love a good barbecue.

Asado Argentina
Asado in Argentina is not just a typical barbecue. It even has its own vocabulary of words commonly used in reference to the process and the barbecued meat itself. Some words you may hear include the parilla refers to the grilling device, which may come in different designs. And then there is the sal parrillera which refers to the grilling salt sprinkled over the meat. Argentinian asado could be the cow’s internal organs, del cuello (meat from the neck part of the animal), corazon (heart), kidney, chorizo (Argentine sausage), salchicha parrillera (similar to chorizo but thinner and longer), and the various meat cuts. The meats used for grilling are rarely marinated.

Florence, Italy
Bistecca alla fiorentina
Bistecca alla fiorentina is the traditional process of grilling T-bone steak in Florence. The meat is cooked over hardwood charcoal grill. Traditionally, the meat should come from certain breeds of cattle from the region. Bistecca alla fiorentina requires meat to be at room temperature before it is grilled. Cooking time for each side is about 3-5 minutes. This often leaves a charred appearance on the outside and rare on the inside.

Memphis, Tennessee, USA
ribs in a barbecue pit
Dry and wet are two ways to prepare a Memphis-style barbecue. Dry refers to the use of salt and other spices with the grilled meat usually served without sauce. Wet, on the other hand, usually involves soaking the meat or ribs in a mixture like mustard slaw or drizzled with a special sauce or vinegar.

Seoul, South Korea
Korean bbq
Seoul is teeming with barbecue restaurants and makeshift dining stalls. Diners can either grill their own meat on the table or have it grilled for them. Korean BBQ usually comes with a big platter of fresh lettuce and side dishes like kimchi, sliced garlic, and spicy bean paste among others. It is best enjoyed with some Korean traditional liquor like makgeoli or soju.

South Africa
Braai in South Africa refers to the barbecued meat itself and the grilling process. It is considered as a cultural and social experience. The meat used for braai may vary from beef or pork sausages, skewers of chicken or lamb, and more.

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