Food and Road Trips: Eating Well While on the Road

22 Jan


Road trips are fun and exhilarating. And for food lovers, they are a great time to explore roadside diners and savor delicious meals. The scenic drives and time spent on the road with family or friends, or even the solitude of driving alone make for some of life’s best moments. But the long drives involved in some road trips could also disrupt your eating habits or routines. If you are a healthy eater or simply want to eat well without overindulging while on the road, sticking to a good diet may seem like a daunting idea. Here are ways to enjoy your road trip snacks and meals without the guilt.

Pack some non-perishable foods. Healthy on road trips is made easier when you plan ahead. Prepare your own snacks and quick meals before you hit the road. Pack some nuts, crackers, and dried fruits among others. You can also bring some sandwiches that you can eat a few hours into the drive.

Schedule “eating” stops. Don’t let every stop be an excuse to indulge on some impulse eating. Schedule food stops so you do not have give in to cravings every time you see a restaurant or coffee shop sign. Choose more nutritious options on the menu instead of picking high-calorie meals that pack little in terms of nutrient value.

Choose the best available option. Eating healthy on road trips can be a real challenge if your choices are limited to fast food joints. Luckily, a lot of big chains now offer more nutritious options in their menu. Take the time to study the menu and read the descriptions. Be mindful of portion sizes. Some fast food restaurants serve huge portions. You do not have to finish it off by yourself or in one sitting. Avoid upgrading meals and drinks to bigger sizes. Stick to small portions when you can.

Opt for sharing. You can either order group meals or share your individual meal with the others. Diners in the middle of nowhere that often cater to truckers usually serve all-day breakfasts or bigger-sized meals. Try to look around or ask the server directly just how large each serving would be. If available, opt for group meals that everyone can share. Alternatively, you can split your individual meal so you can share it with the others.

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